Our Business
Our pricing & fees are always transparent.
Empowering financial wellness is at the heart of what we do.
We never invest in unethical or high-risk industries.
We offer bespoke features to align with customer values.

Carbon Footprint Tracking & Offsetting

Customers can track, measure & offset their carbon footprint to a range of projects in one user journey, directly through the algbra app.

Sustainability Commitment

Our commitment to ESG includes accreditation from leading organisations, promoting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and our Values & Ethics Committee.


Algbra customers can participate in local & national initiatives in the fields of arts, culture, media & sports directly through the app, creating community engagement.

Ethically Built Architecture & Funds Flow

We have built our own proprietary technology to ensure we can protect our customers’ funds, data & values with complete carbon neutral cloud computing.

Algbra Card

Report & Financial Statements

Download our prior years' Annual Report & Audited Financial Statements